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An Online Visit to Historic Woodstock, home of the Woodstock Impressionists and Hudson Landscape Artists who were inspired by Ralph Radcliffe Whitehead's Byrdcliffe art colony.


  • History of Woodstock
    A short walking tour through the origins of the art colony at Woodstock, New York.

  • History of the Zena Mill
    Includes some very rare vintage 1940's & 1950's photographic snapshots of the Zena Mill, Zena Falls, Sawkill and more, plus a very intimate history of Woodstock from 1702 to the present.

  • The Kotty Wangler Online Art Gallery
    A great place to see the great art of Woodstock. Presented online are images from famous Woodstock artists both living and dead.

  • Woodstock Art Association
    In existence since 1920, the WAA has successfully introduced over 1000 fine artists to the public by collecting and exhibiting works of local artists and artisans.

  • Woodstock Times
    Want the local Woodstock news? Want to know what's going on around town??? Want to know what movies are playing? Sports? Hiking trails open??? Check out the Woodstock Times for all the news!

  • Woodstock Impressionist Paintings
    Online exhibition of hundreds of Woodstock Impressionist paintings.

  • WDST Got to be the coolest ROCK station on the Whole East Coast.
  • Woodstock Moveable Feast
    What is a Moveable Feast? You'll just have to go to their site to find out!

  • Spirit of Woodstock CD
    A must-listen! All the music you MISSED on those standard commercial-issue CDs! This is the greatest! L@@K!
  • RadioWoodstock.com
    FREE online radio from Woodstock, NY!!!

  • Round the Bend
    Online travel guide to upstate New York. Local Attractions, Historical Sites You Can Visit, local MUSEUMS & GALLERIES, Bed & Breakfast, Hotels, Motels, Accommodations of all kinds.

  • Overlook Mountain Trail Info
    This is what Woodstock is all about. You MUST do the Overlook Trail if you do nothing else!!! Here's all the FREE info you need!

  • Woodstock Chamber of Commerce
    You might or might not want to visit the Chamber of Commerce, but it couldn't hurt to cop a peek at their website for great info on local eateries, places to go to, people to see, and stuff to do.

Pete Seeger was my music teacher at Norman Studer's "Downtown Community School", and Ronnie Gilbert helped me to understand belting out a song -- "Just sing out!" -- The Weavers were the most influential group in my life from the time I started at Downtown Community School and Camp Woodland to the time I began singing with Dave van Ronk and Judy Henske.

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